Sabtu, 19 Februari 2011

Produk Pilihanku

Korang pakai tak produk Cosway...Lulu pakai produk nie khas untuk pakaian yang lembut2 exspecially tudung....nak maintain quality konon. korang try la...berbaloi-baloi tau..

Delicate Fabric Wash
  • Effectively removes stains, especially protein stains like blood, food and milk, without shrinking, stretching or fading
  • Plant-based laundry additive leaves clothes looking vibrantly new, comfortably soft and static-free
  • Anti-bacterial keeps clothes hygienically sanitised, ideal for washing innerwear and undergarments
  • pH-balanced formula is non-drying to hands, and is safe for washing baby wear
  • Rinses off easily and thoroughly, leaving no residue, thus eliminating any possibility of skin irritation or allergy

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  1. a'ah betul, i dah bertahun2 pakai produk ni tau. Mmg bagus & lembut untuk tangan...